What is the solution of the Jurassic Park book? 

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I think what you mean by "solution" to "Jurassic Park" is conclusion.  In a nut shell, most everybody winds up dead.  The only people that survive and that are actually listed and named in the novel are Grant, Gennaro, Sattler, Muldoon, and the kids. They are rescued by the Costa Rican National guard and flown off of the island in a helicopter.  

The Costa Rican military decides to solve the dinosaur problem by blowing up the island.  They do not literally wipe it from the face of the planet, but they drop enough napalm on the island to ensure that no dinosaurs could have survived. Dinosaur problem solved. 

A few weeks later, Grant is visited by an American doctor.  The doctor tells Grant that an unknown pack of animals has been seen moving and migrating through the Costa Rican jungle.  The pack has been eating crops and killing chickens.  Grant is told he won't be leaving Costa Rica any time soon.  Dinosaur problem not solved. 

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