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What is the solution, or denouement, in the plotline of "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury?

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The Pedestrian” describes a world where everyone stays in their houses and watches television, never interacting with the world.  The resolution is when Leonard Mead is arrested for walking at night, clearly a sign of psychiatric problems.

In a story’s plot arc, the resolution is the solution to the main conflict.  The climax, when Leonard Mead talks to the police car, solves the problem of Mead’s isolation but creates a new one: he has to convince the police car that he is sane.

In this futuristic society, there is only one police car because with everyone watching TV there is no crime.  The police car asks Mead if he has a “viewing screen” and air conditioner in his house, and he answers no.  Since he is also not married, the police car arrests him to take him to the “Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies” because he doesn’t spend all of his time in his house with the viewing screen.  They pass the only dark house, his.

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