What is the solution in "Fever 1793"?How is the problem solved?

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In the resolution of the novel, the first frost of winter kills the mosquitoes that carry Yellow Fever, resulting in the end of the epidemic.  The spread of the disease is stopped by the cold weather.

For Mattie, now a young woman, who is faced with picking up the pieces of her life, she emerges with new strength and perseverance.  Others depend on Mattie for their very survival.   She has survived and been drastically changed by the whole ordeal.

"Mattie cultivates her friendship with Nathaniel. She opens up the coffeehouse with Eliza as her partner and begins to implement her dreams for a growing business. Nell stays with her and depends on her like a mother."

"The author shows how this disease changed her characters, much as horrific life events change real lives. Young adults will emerge from this novel with a sense of hope, perseverance, and understanding."  

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