What is a solid and sustainable future plan to prevent further enviornmental damage from palm oil farming?  Why?

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Palm oil has many industrial applications, as cooking oil and as a fuel in heat and energy production.  It has its principal production in West Africa and Asia.  Its popularity as a cash crop has unfortunately encouraged some negative practices such as deforestation and infringement on lands owned by indigenous peoples.  The first thing to making an impact here is to get governments involved, made aware of the negativity such practices have on the biome as a whole.  When you take out rainforests to set up palm oil production sites, you are destroyuing some of the most diverse land accomodations on the planet, for both flora and fauna.  We are also destroying a large oxygen-producing unit which helps replace the oxygen in the atmosphere.  So that would be the first step, is getting both government and people to understand the negative impact over-production of palm oil has in this particular venue.