What is solid state cultivation?This is a biotechnology-related question.

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pksisland eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This takes on a figurative and a literal interpretation.  A literal interpretation of a "solid state civilization" would be in a futuristic society when machines can function without human intervention.  All the information necessary to answer all the questions that could possibly be asked has already been captured or at a higher level, the machines have an intelligent design to contrive their own answers.

A figurative interpretation would be where some companies would market their present day hardware as being superior by their capacity to provide information from previously loaded data in a way that is far superior to any other company. 

piyushkaushik06 | Student

Solid state cultivation can be defined as the process of growth of microorganisim mainly fungi on moist solid substrate in the absence of free flowing water.

amount of water is very less the substrate is eigther dreid and slugr. it is an alternative for submerged fermantation for the production of biotechnology products.

ssc was found to produce most stable products with less energy requirments in smaller fermenters and smaller volumes of polluting effluents

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