What are the socioemotional changes that take place in early adulthood?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are multiple socioemotional changes which take place in early adulthood. To begin, one needs to understand the meaning behind socioemotional. Socioemotional Development "covers changes in a person's emotions, relations with others, self-concept, and personality, which is a stable way of thinking, feeling, and behaving." Essentially, this defines who thinks he or she is in regards to self-concept and self-identity. 

Erikson and Bingham/Stryker have established the defining of socioemotional development. For Erikson, young adults change (during the intimacy versus isolation stage) socioemotionally by being able to give/receive love and make long-term commitments. According to Bingham/Stryker, their examination of socioemotional examined the differences between males and females. For them, young female adults changed socioemotionaly by possessing a sense of responsibility for themselves.

Essentially, Erikson paired young adulthood and socioemotional development with "issues of generativity and ego identity," while Bingham/Stryker paired it with " accomplishment in the workplace and relationship." For both, young adults tend to grow in regards to self identification in socioemotional development.