There Will Come Soft Rains Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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What societal concerns does Bradbury explore in the story "The Will Come Soft Rains"? What techniques does he use to explore these concerns?

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In this story, Bradbury is expressing concerns about the possibility of total destruction as a result of technological advancements. Remember that this story was published in 1950 against the backdrop of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. The use of nuclear weapons was not only a very real possibility, but had already been used to bring about the end of World War II. There was, therefore, a lot of concern about whether the Cold War would escalate in the same way.

To bring this concern to life, Bradbury uses personification. Instead of having human characters, the house is a living entity and, more importantly, it is not at all affected by the total destruction of the resident family. The house simply carries on, repeating its daily routines, as though nobody has died at all. Even when the family dog dies from radiation sickness, the only reaction of the house is to clean up the mess.

The absence of people and the cold, uncaring portrayal of the house is effective in inciting uncomfortable feelings in the reader because it is a reminder that if we continue on such a destructive path, nobody will mourn our loss.

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