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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social stratification is something that happens when a society separates its members from one another on the basis of various characteristics.  Societies use those characteristics to determine who is important and has high status and who is lower on the social ladder.

There are a number of ways that societies can stratify themselves.  They can give high status to those who have been born to "good" families.  They can give it to people of given races.  They can give it to older people.  Societies can also give high status based on achievements.  They can give higher status to those, for example, who have more money or more education.

All social stratification involves separating society up into higher and lower classes on the basis of certain characteristics.

mohela | Student

I think the word 'statification' is misspelled and the correct one is 'stratification'

Social stratification means the way to classify the people into groups based on socio - economic conditions.

For eg: The cleavage between haves and have nots

rossrose | Student

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