What social statement does Sammy think he is making by quitting his job in A & P?

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Sammy quits his job to protest his boss’s treatment of the girl he likes.

In the story, Sammy is trying to find himself.  He is self-conscious and socially frustrated.  When he sees the girl being treating in a way he thinks is unfair, he tries to be her hero.  His reaction to the “policy” that shoulders must be covers shows his issues with society.

That's policy for you. Policy is what the kingpins want. What the others want is juvenile delinquency.

Sammy is not sure what to do.  He has no power, but he wants to take a stand.  He feels that the girl has been wronged.  He wants to make it right.  Since he is powerless to do so, he takes the only power he has and quits.

The futility of the gesture is a lesson in life.  Part of growing up is realizing when to pick your battles.  There was nothing wrong with pointing out that a bathing suit is inappropriate attire in a store.  In his sexuality-driven sentiment, Sammy could not see that.  He took a stand, but he was the only one affected.


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