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What is the social setting, time setting, and place setting in "The Story of an Hour"? maybe the significant for each settings in the story

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While the setting of "The Story of an Hour" is static, it certainly can be analyzed from the perspectives of time, place and society. All of these factors impact the plot and move it forward. These perspectives also bring deeper meaning to many details in the story. 

First, a social setting is defined as the historical and communal context within which the story takes place. This encompasses the phenomenologies taking place at a certain time period in history, social trends, parameters of behavior, and the accepted notions and constructs that decide the do's and don'ts of the time. 

This being said, the social setting of "The Story of an Hour" is the 19th century, which is a time period in history where women were seen as nurturers, and not as independent thinkers. As a result, women would have been expected to serve society mainly as wives and mothers. Marriages, however, were seldom (if ever) love matches. Instead, they were networking opportunities to increase family fortunes, or link...

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