What is social reform and what are its major areas? Please give me answer in notes form for MSW.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am afraid that it is going to be difficult to present notes to you in a particular format.  I think that the best you are going to get from here is being able to take what is offered and then applying them in your own format or the required form of which you seek.  Social Reform is a broad concept and what I miss in my explanation, others can add.  Essentially, the idea of social reform is the ability and propensity to change social orders and societies.  Social reform is galvanized by the hope and notion that things can be better and structures can do more for more people.  Social reforms are varied.  Some fight for the needs of a particular group, or for the more equitable allocation of resources.  Social reform is something that resonates outside of the established system.  Those in the position of power usually do not lead social reform because of the very nature of Status Quo practices having helped deliver them their power.  Yet, there have been many instances of elected officials tapping into social reform and being able to instigate and initiate long lasting and powerful change.  The different areas of social reform all come back to one idea in that social reforms are committed to seeing society as how it should be as opposed to how it is.