What are the social, psychological, and spiritual conflicts in Oroonoko?

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Many of the characters in the book suffer through these particular conflicts. Here is one example of each conflict to get you started.

One significant social conflict is in the war in which Oroonoko serves. Although he is on the winning side, he is tricked by an English captain and ends up being taken against his will to be enslaved. This portion of the story examines the very real social conflict that existed between African countries and European countries (and the Americas) during the time of slave trading. In the book, Oroonoko is tricked into going with the captain; thus, the white man (the captain) is depicted as being manipulative, deceptive, and dangerous. Oroonoko is depicted as being too innocent or even naive, at least in this instance, although we know him to be very intelligent and well-educated. This conflict between the two men is representative of the greater...

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