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What is social opportunity? it links to social studies

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From my understanding, social opportunity refers to the amount of options open to an individual or group of individuals in a social setting.  Access to programs such as quality education, affordable health care, as well as being involved in a social setting where opportunities for social advancement are evident would fall under the umbrella of social opportunity.  In societies where there is a conscious or unintended social marginalization, one can detect the lack of social opportunity evident.  This is seen with lack of room for social movement upwards and a lack of autonomy regarding one's state of being.  The idea of social opportunity feeds into this notion of autonomy.  The greater the social opportunity one has, the larger the canvass in which their freedom can be exercised to have positive influences or change in one's life.  Social opportunity thus relates to doors being opened, moments being able to be seized, and the idea that individuals can partake in what a social order offers to be able to positively impact their life.

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