What social networks could be used during an interview process?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ubiquitous access to the Internet has made it possible for corporations and human resources agencies to access potential employees via virtual networks.

Although there is not one officially-unique synchronous virtual interview network, employers use what is currently in place to make the best out getting to know a candidate.

Currently, the most commonly-used tools for virtual interviewing are Skype and ooVoo. These can be secured for interviewing purposes as long as the account is used for these precise reasons.

GoogleTalk, Yahoo, MSN and AOL are also legit chat services that allow employers to use their webcams to establish contact with interviewees. What is salient about these sites in comparison to, for example, Facebook, Myspace, and Confabio is that they are not often the primary choice for "fun" chats. Younger users prefer to build their own social networks, for example, Second Life, Ning, Boostcam, and EkkoTV.

One site that is gaining credibility as far as access is TinyChat, which is powered by Twitter. Given that Twitter is the preferred choice for celebrity social networking, some employers may prefer this conduit to attract a younger stream of potential employees, depending on what the organization's mission is.