What are the social issues for agriculture? 

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The vital connection between society and agriculture (food-gathering) is a staple of anthropology--the mobile seed-and fruit gatherers vs. the planters who stayed in one place, etc.  Today, this connection is of three sorts:  economy (there has been a global shift from individual farms to large agricultural corporations, causing major changes in the social structures of rural living); genetic alteration (for example, in the past thirty years, wheat has been genetically modified to promote hunger/addiction and is only 60% of the plant height of the pre-WWII years) to say nothing about the pollution of other crops by wind distribution; thirdly, the distribution of hunger and plenty is skewered by new global distribution structures in society.  Agriculture and sociology go hand-in-hand in these ways, plus the new social awareness and prediction of weather patterns.  Agriculture has been slow, too, in looking for non-petroleum sources of fuel for its own use, although some crops dedicated to fuel transformation have affected the economics of crop yields (corn among them).

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