What are the legal implications of modern genetic technologies?

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There are proponents as well as opponents of modern genetic technologies. Those who are in favour say that modern genetic technologies can be used both for therapeutic and reproductive purposes. The opponents of human cloning are, however, of the view that the use of terms like "therapeutic cloning" and "reproductive cloning" yields only confusion and merely depicts the intention for their ultimate use. They consider that all forms of human cloning are unnecessary and immoral and have raised many ethical, religious, social, legal and biological issues pertaining to human cloning. There are fears that clones may be treated as mere commodities or objects and might not be treated as equals or respected as unique individuals.

A black market for cloned embryo may also come up where issueless couples could buy the clone of an embryo. Cloning may also lead to malformations or diseases in the human clone, as the technology is highly complicated and fraught with greater risks and potential for errors.