What were the social and cultural beliefs that became widespread during the Age of Jackson?

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There were several main cultural experiences and attitudes that became prevalent during the "Age of Jackson." These ideas helped shape the country for the generations to come and created a culture that was unique to its time.

First and foremost, there was an exaltation of the Common Man. This is the foundation of the American Dream (as it would come to be known in the future). People from humble beginnings were stepping out and taking action to improve their lives, and many of them were gaining significant wealth. This was exalted and praised as a milestone of self-sufficiency, where people who started with little or nothing could strive and eventually prosper.

The Great Awakening occurred during this time period, sparking a religious fanaticism throughout the nation. This piety and religious fervor bathed the nation in newfound faith, which went hand-in-hand with the other ideas that came about in this period. The Awakening stirred the idea that even those of meek beginnings could be...

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