What is social conduct?  Am doing a research on the impact of divorce to the social conduct of the children and i cannot find the right definition that can fit into my concept

krishna-agrawala | Student

Social conduct refers the way one behaves with others and in their presence. This conduct could also includes the behavior in relation with very close family members, but in general it relates to the people one is not very close with and in stranger. Fir example it may include behaviors in very wide range of settings such as while travelling, in offices, in a church, while visiting people or entertaining guest, in work environment and so on.

Most of the societies have fairly well defined code of conduct of rules of etiquette covering many different type of social conduct. However these rules do not govern all the situation and are not very detailed. Further, a person needs to practice and develop skills for the right social conduct. Also the social conduct of individual is influenced by their personality traits. Like some people are extroverts while others may be extroverts. Similarly people possess different traits like being friendly, aggressive, talkative, submissive, which affects their social conduct.

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