What is the social background of Osborne's drama Look Back in Anger?

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John Osborne wrote the play Look Back in Anger in 1956. The play is an intensely realistic tale, a "kitchen sink" drama that presents harsh realism as a counter to the escapist plays and musicals more familiar in the English theatrical cannon. At the time, many critics saw this play as dividing British theater into "before and after"—they thought that it changed the course of theater in general. While Osborne later described it as a "formal, old-fashioned play," its articulate energy, its fierceness and humor, its brave willingness to dive into "taboo" topics, and the "arias" (as Osborne called them) of its main character and anti-hero, Jimmy Porter, were quite unlike anything audiences had seen before.

For Osborne himself, a strong motivation for his writing the play was its autobiographical nature. Osborne was an angry young man too, and he poured himself into the character of Jimmy Porter: the views and ideas of Jimmy are the views and ideas of Osborne. The portrait of the...

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