Identify subjects in the book that could be applicable to every day life.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the most dominant themes of the work is the idea of the "insider" versus the "outsider."  On some level, this is a theme that is applicable in real life as there is a constant gap between those who are on the inside and those who exist outside this condition on the outside.  The desire to possess autonomy as well as a sense of control about one's own destiny is what helps to fuel the work and make it applicable to daily life.  At the same time, I believe that there is another impressive theme in terms of trying to find a solution to the problems that exist around us and cannot be changed.  Oakland was never going to be a large market and would never enjoy the benefits of a New York market setting.  Yet, Beane and his staff never relented in their pursuit of finding a winning team and fielding one to compete with the larger market teams.  This is applicable in daily life as it shows how individuals are able to find solutions to problems that enable some level of success.  Finally, Beane's belief that what he was doing was right is what drives him.  This is applicable to every day life in the very idea that one must have confidence at the most base of levels in order to find some level of success in undertaking the most challenging of tasks.

dsellars | Student

This novel is also a great expression of how one of the most repetitive archetypes found in many genres of literature: the "UNDERDOG" can often come out on TOP---even in the face of the staunch "we've always done it this way"---tradition. Just because a tradition is still in existence, and often lazily habitual, does not mean it should be exempt from improvement and/or scrutiny of exactly why it's still a continuance.

The novel also brings together two very "glaring" stereotypes: the typical, popular, good looking jock, passionate sports- inundated athlete vs. the typical "Geek" with the always on the tip of his tongue (from complicated mathematical computer-generated computations) and/or OBJECTIVE answers; it's also notable that both charaters appear a bit nervous with just exactly how to approach each other. Of course, the answer equals the statistics which do not LIE!. Billy Beane and Paul both passionately agree on the OBJECTIVE answer versus the outdated, "subjective" methods utilized by "old school, good ole boy" recruiters.