Explain in one paragraph themes throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird? 

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There are several themes throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The duality of human nature is an important theme throughout the novel. Characters in Maycomb display both positive and negative attributes. Typical Maycomb community members are helpful, polite individuals who are prejudice against African Americans. Atticus attempts to teach Scout and Jem that every human has both good and bad characteristics. Atticus' life lessons fit into another theme throughout the novel, which is the importance of a moral education. Atticus teaches his children about courage, respect, perspective, and the various rules of society that help his children grow into virtuous individuals. Harper Lee contrasts the importance of a moral education with the broken Maycomb school system. Another important theme in the novel is social inequality. Throughout the novel, the social class system of Maycomb is examined. Educated white community members are at the top of the social class in Maycomb, while the Negroes occupy the lowest rung of society. Characters such as Aunt Alexandra, explain the social class system of Maycomb in detail and discriminate against the lower classes. Alexandra displays her contempt for the lower class by forbidding Scout to play with Walter Cunningham Jr. African American's living in Maycomb are victims of prejudice. The verdict of Tom Robinson's trial is evidence of the prejudice found throughout Maycomb's community.

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