What skills will human resources departments need to look for to find workers who will be able to work effectively in a high involvement organization?

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The skills that are needed to work effectively in such an organization are basically interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, and organizational skills.  

The reason for this is that a person in such an organization will need to be very involved in the whole process of producing whatever the organization makes.  This person will not be able to simply sit back and let others make the decisions for them.  Instead, they will need to be able to make their own decisions.  They will also have to work well with other people since they may have to take on some management responsibility.  This will involve working well with those above and below them on any given project.  Finally, they will need to be able to organize projects well because they will have greater responsibility for what goes on.  They will not simply be able to allow others to do the organizing for them.

In short, every employee in such an organization must have many of the skills that make a good manager.  The human resources departments in such organizations must find workers with these skills and must train them to improve these skills in order to have a successful organization.

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