What is the size of Georges Rouault's painting The Old King?

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According to Gardener’s Art Through the Ages (edition 10)page 1036, George Rouault’s painting The Old King is 30.25in x 21.25in.

Rouault was a French Fauvist painter which meant that he used extremely bright colors and simplified designs.  Rouault worked as a glass maker before he started painting; consequently his work was very influenced by a certain stained glass window aesthetic.  He often used thick black outlines around areas of bold color, referencing the power and prominence of medieval stained glass.  This technique is exemplified in The Old King creating an iconic feeling of authority around the kingly figure in the painting.

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My question is did Georges Rouault paint more then one version of

"The Old King" from 1916 to 1937?

Thanks, David

see my "The Old Man" on board size of the painting is 29 7/8" x 40"s

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