What is the size of each planet in our solar system compared to Earth?

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The link below it to NASA's Planetary Fact Sheet which has lots of different information on the planets. I've obtained the relevant information from that source to provide the diameter and mass of each planet compared to Earth's. In order of distance from the sun, they are:

Mercury: 0.0553 x Earth's mass, 0.383 x Earth's diameter

Venus: 0.815x Earth's mass, 0.949 x Earth's diameter

Mars: 0.107 x Earth's mass, 0.532 x Earth's diameter

Jupiter: 317.8 x Earth's mass, 11.21 x Earth's diameter

Saturn: 95.2 x Earth's mass, 0.9.45 x Earth's diameter

Uranus: 14.5 x Earth's mass, 4.01 x Earth's diameter

Neptune: 17.1 x Earth's mass, 3.88 x Earth's diameter

Pluto: 0.0025 x Earth's mass, 0.186 x Earth's diameter

I've attached an image that gives you a visual comparison of the sizes of the planets.

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