What are six ways I can compare the book Brave New World to our society today?

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To compare Brave New World to our modern society, it might be helpful to focus on some of the following issues.

First, consider the use of artificial means of reproduction. For example, both societies use artificial methods to create life, but our relationship to such methods is very different.

Secondly, the society of Brave New World is highly stratified and divided into different castes, like Alphas and Epsilons. Our society is not quite as stratified, but there are clear lines of divisions, mainly along the lines of wealth, gender, and race.

Thirdly, compare the types of relationships present in our society and that of Brave New World. In the latter, for example, people are encouraged to have sexual intercourse with as many people as they wish without making an emotional connection. To what extent is this liberal attitude toward sexuality prevalent in our own society?

Fourthly, consider the use of drugs in both societies. In Brave New World , soma addiction is a common feature of society, but...

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