What are the six things that Ralph talks about at the assembly in chapter 5?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This assembly that Ralph calls begins and ends with the rules.  At the start of the meeting, Ralph says that they, "...need to put things straight," and at the end of the meeting he angrily shouts at Jack, "Because the rules are the only thing we've got!"  In between those two exclamations, Ralph talks about building huts andusing the designated restroom areas in order to keep their living areas clean.  He also talks about the need to keep the fire going and keeping the fire restricted to the mountain so that they don't burn the island again and so that they can have smoke to signal for help.  Finally, he talks about fear: what there is to fear, whether or not they should be afraid, and what to do about their fears. The novel is about the breakdown of civilization when society's constrictions are not around and the assembly mirrors that.  In the beginning of the meeting, Ralph talks about the necessity of rules for their survival.  They need a place to live (huts), they need to keep their area clean and free from the possible illnesses brought about by living in their own filth, they need to keep a fire going.  As the meeting progresses though, it disintegrates.  By the end of the meeting, he is trying to legislate fear and finally, the meeting ends in a shouting match. 

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