In Night, what are six things that had to do with Elie Wiesel surviving because of chance ? And why?

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In Night by Elie Wiesel, there are survival incidents that are based solely on chance. In chapter four, Elie Wiesel was instructed to visit the dentist. When the dentist desired Elie Wiesel's gold crown, it was by chance that Wiesel was able to postpone the extraction of his gold tooth. He reported to the dentist that he did not feel well. The dentist instructed Wiesel to come back when he felt better.

In chapter two of Night, Elie Wiesel and his family are on a train with a lady named Madame Schachter. They are on their way to a concentration camp. Madame Schachter keeps seeing a fire that isn't there. She screams about seeing a fire, yet when the Jews look out the window, there is no fire. It is by chance that she keeps seeing the fire. No doubt, she was having a premonition of the crematories which were to come. 


It was by chance that Wiesel and his father remained together the entire time they were in the concentration camps. In chapter five, Wiesel's father...

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