What are six facts from letter 4, from each date?no

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Letter Four is dated August 5th, 17--.  We do not know the exact year, and it is stated this way to keep us focused on the events rather than getting hung up on the accuracy of dates and time.

Six facts in this letter are as follows:

1. On July 31st, the crew was nearly surrounded by ice and encompassed by fog.

2. At two o'clock in the afternoon on the 31st, they noticed the sled of the creature.

3. Two hours after they saw the first sled, the ice began to break up and the ship was freed.  They decided to wait until morning for rest and also to see the large ice chunks better.

4. The following morning (Aug 1), a second sled was discovered, and the man on it was conversing with his crew members.  He was in a state of malnutrition.  They brought him aboard to recover.

5. After two days (Aug 4) of feeding him soup and helping him recover from exposure to the elements, Walton moved the man to the captain's quarters.

6. Robert Walton tells us that he will attend on the stranger as best he can with his other captain's duties as well as write about it all in the journal we are reading.  This is why, I suppose, the letter is dated August 5.

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