What are the six parts to modern cell theory?

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I wish scientists would agree on how many parts exist to modern cell theory.  Depending on the textbook or teacher, there are two general summaries of modern cell theory.  A 3 part model and a 6 part model.  You asked for the 6 part model.  

  1. All living things are made of cells
  2. The cell is the simplest complete structural and functional unit of all living things
  3. All cells come from pre-existing cells (that means cells do not spontaneously generate themselves)
  4. Cells contain hereditary information (DNA), which is passed down from cell to cell during cellular reproduction (depending on the cell and cell type that could be binary fission or mitosis)  
  5. All energy flow of life occurs within cells
  6. All cells are more or less made of the same chemical composition 

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