what are the six advantages made by the proposal in "a modest proposal"?  

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crobinson425 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Swift proposes that the children of the poor become a delicacy for the rich.  The advantages to this, according to Swift, would be:

1)  It will lessen the number of Catholics in Ireland, as more poor children are born to Catholic parents.

2) Those who are poor will have something of value to take in the event that they cannot pay their rent.

3)  The economic value of the country will increase, due to the fact that the country no longer has to support these children, and there is a new item for sale.

4) The poor who constantly have children will no longer have to pay to support children they cannot afford, and will actually make money on the children they sell.

5) The business at taverns and other places that serve gentlemen will increase as this new delicacy is made popular.

6)  This will be an incentive to get married, for wives to take good care of themselves while pregnant, and for husbands to treat their wives gently while they are pregnant.