In what situations might we be presented with the task of figuring out percentages? Give real life examples of when you have had to do so, or when it may be necessary.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Being able to figure out percentages is an important skill that has many potential applications in real life.

Any time the size of something is changed, figuring percentage comes into play. When a recipe is doubled, all ingredients need to be increased by 100%. When moving from one residence to another, the change in size between the two dwellings may lead to figuring out the percentage change in the amount of furniture that can be contained in the new location.

Figuring the percentage of some events impacts plans made in daily life. If there is a high percentage possibility of precipitation in the morning, you may take an umbrella with you or might even postpone your outdoor activities to another day. Your decision regarding whether or not to purchase a lottery ticket may be influenced by the likelihood (the percentage chance) of winning a major jackpot.

The growth patterns of children are based on the average pattern of growth, based on thousands of measurements. Reflecting that information, parents can find the percentage of growth their children may undergo in the coming year and base purchase of school clothes on the length of time they are likely to fit.