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What is a situational question to ask in an interview for a supervisor position?

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Situational questions in interviews are ones that ask an applicant for a job how they would handle a particular situation that might arise in the course of doing the job for which they are applying.  There are many different situational questions that could be asked of any candidate for a supervisorial position.  Some examples include:

  • “How would you handle it if a person who used to be a coworker says something like ‘you’re no better than I am, why should I listen to you?’”  This would be a question to ask someone who is applying for the position from within the company and would be supervising people with whom they used to work.
  • “What would you do if machine X were to break down?”  This would be asked if the job involved machinery.  It would test the applicant’s ability to improvise a solution to an unexpected problem.
  • “This job involves a lot of stress.  What will you do to cope with the stress so that you can be productive over the long term?”

Any of these are questions that would push an applicant to think about situations that might arise if they get the job for which they are applying.

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