What is the situation described by Joy Harjo in "Eagle Poem"?Include any circumstances you feel contribute to or define that situation.

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reader can reasonably imply that the situation of the poem is personal reflection.  The author is both describing her own moment of meditation and reflection as well as suggesting the reader do the same. 

Joy Harjo's writings often emphasize the spiritual, myths, the environment and human connection to the environment, coming from her Native American background living and working in the American Southwest.

"Eagle Poem" uses verses describing the natural world of the outdoors to emphasize humans place within that universe, and writes of that world and the animals and elements within it as being on an equal plane with humanity, being careful to note that humans place is actually as a part of the environment, a careful relationship with it as opposed to dominance over it.