What is satire?  Please explain how "Animal Farm" is a satire.

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A satire is a work that criticizes an aspect of society through humor. Irony and caricature are often employed to harpoon the perceived weakness or defect. Also, satire always aims for reform, for change for the the better. It is never designed to simply mock its subject: the purpose is to alert readers to the problem so a solution can be reached.

Animal Farm is a satire on the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia. Each step of the revolution is satirized, and Orwell draws attention to the mistakes made by leaders and followers alike. He used irony through the point of view of a naive narrator. He compares the leaders (Stalin, Trotsky) to pigs Napoleon, Snowball). Finally, he uses animals or groups of animals to represent groups of people within the revolution. For example, Boxer reflects the workers, who become like draft horses, used up and thrown out to build the new social order. In these ways, Orwell points out the failings of Soviet Russia.

taitmis | Student

Satire is ridicule to mainly the government.

An example is like the SCARY MOVIES series, they are parodies which count as satire technically. 


An example of satire in Animal Farm is the fact that Napoleo sold Boxer away for money and whiskey.

codywest7 | Student

satire is mainly irony. irony is basicly something u werent expecting to happen for example who has bigger feet that man right ther or that small child the child has bigger feet

u were probably expecting that the man has bigger feet not the child that is irony something u thought would not happen