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What are Sir Bedivere's actions in the legend of King Arthur?

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In the Arthurian legend, the Knights of the Round Table are the men who serve King Arthur and complete his quests for him.  One of the boon companions of Arthur was the knight Sir Bedivere also named in Welsh, Bedwyr. 

Sir Bedivere was one of the most trusted knights of Arthur. He was noted in the very beginning of  Arthur’s reign and was one of the first knights to become a part of the Round Table camaraderie. In the order of the Round Table, Bedivere served as the marshal who would keep the order and handle discipline if needed. He was also described as the cup bearer for Arthur.

His family included Sir Bedivere, his father; Sir Lucan, his brother; and Sir Griflet, his cousin. In the legends, Bedivere often worked in connection with Sir Kay, one of the closest of knights to Arthur. His children were Amhren, his son, and Eneuawg, his daughter, who were both in Arthur’s court.

Bedivere was described as a handsome, one-handed knight. His hand was lost in a battle.  It was said:


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