What is the simplest form of the expression ∛128a^13b^6

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simplify `root(3)(128a^(13)b^(6))` :

A radical expression is simplified if there are no fractions in the radicand, no radicals in the denominator, and no perfect nth power factors in the radicand.

In this case, we need to get rid of any perfect cubes in the radicand.

Rewrite as `root(3)(64a^(12)b^(6)2a)` Then use `root(n)(ab)=root(n)(a)root(n)(b)` to get:


`=4a^4b^2root(3)(2a)` which is the simplified form.

** `root(3)(64)=4` since `4^3=64` . Also `root(3)(a^(12))=a^4` since `(a^4)^3=a^12` .