What is the simple subject and simple predicate of the sentence, Mr.Jones is a piano teacher?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The simple subject in this sentence is "Mr. Jones," and the simple predicate is "is."

Most sentences consist of far more than a simple subject and a simple predicate, of course, including your example.  However, no matter what words are included in a sentence, the simple subject can be identified by asking what or who in the sentence is doing or being. The simple predicate in a sentence is the verb that shows the action or state of being.  Here is another example for you:

Mrs. Smith, who teaches English at the local high school, donates her old books to the school library, which has increased the library's collection by hundreds of books.

Now, in spite of all the words in that sentence, we can see that "Mrs. Smith" is the person in the sentence who is doing something.  And we can see that what she is doing is "donating."  So, those are the simple subject and simple predicate in that example.