What is Simon doing at the end of chapter 3?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of chapter 3, Simon isolates himself in a secluded part of the jungle.

The text tells us that, after picking fruit for the "littluns," Simon walks towards the high jungle. Here, the creepers grow thickly and hang "like rigging of foundered ships." Simon walks until he comes to a clearing filled with dark aromatic bushes. He moves past the clearing and makes his way through a thick expanse of creepers and bushes. 

The path is laborious, but Simon finally manages to secure himself in the middle of a cabin-like space. From this space, Simon peeks out into the clearing. Satisfied that he is alone, Simon begins to enjoy the natural sounds of the forest and the nearby sea. He revels in the beauty of the flora and fauna around him.

The text tells us that Simon remains in his secret hideout even after the sun sets.

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