What are the similiarities and differences between Victorian and Romantic poetry.

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These two periods contrast more than they favor, specifically when analyzing the social and cultural perspectives. The Romantics saw a great shift from their actions being governed by God, piety, and the church to a more personal reality. The Romantics focused on the individual, particularly relative to the dream world and beauty that could be discovered all around man. There was a great literary and poetic influx on the topic of nature and the beauty of one’s self, one’s environment and even the splendor that could be found in a drug-induced state. As a matter of fact, the term “sublime” was coined during the Renaissance as people were paying great attention to feelings and emotions that could be evoked during a single experience—one that most often was not related to a religious occurrence. Additionally, the Romantics believed that mediocre minds worked logically or analytically. Rather, true Romantics found that discovering feelings and emotions were more desirable, particularly when those feelings are evoked by the wonders of nature. Take this excerpt from John Keats’s poem, “Bright Star”...

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