What is a similarity between today and the 1960s?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some similarities between today and the 1960s. One of the similarities is in the area of politics.

The 1960s saw a significant upheaval in the political arena. Because of the Vietnam War, people began to doubt the government. What people were seeing and what they were hearing didn’t seem to be the same thing. People started to believe the government wasn’t telling them the truth about the events in the Vietnam War. This credibility gap was a factor in many of the anti-war protests that occurred. These protests centered on our involvement in Vietnam and on the government’s policies in Vietnam. Some of the protests turned violent. There was a great deal of dissatisfaction with our government.

Today, there also seems to be a great deal of dissatisfaction with our government. People are upset about the lack of action occurring in Congress. Representing the wishes of the political party seems more important than the development of good policy. The rise in popularity of candidates not associated with the political system seems to reflect this dissatisfaction. Donald Trump has become very popular by criticizing our government leaders. Bernie Sanders has gained popularity by appearing to be a non-establishment candidate. There also has been an increase in the number of protests at some of the campaign events. Some of these protests have involved physical confrontation. There is a significant fear this physical violence may increase. To some people, it reminds them of the events of the 1960s.