What is a similarity that the Spanish and the French have on exploration?

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Both Spain and France explored the world. Their explorations were very important and have some similarities. One similarity would be the reasons why both countries explored the world. These countries were looking for new trade routes. They had hoped that by developing new trade routes and developing additional trade, they would become wealthy. The hope of increasing their wealth was very important to both countries.

As time passed, the various explorations they undertook helped these countries become stronger. They were able to control more land around the world. In some cases, they found valuable minerals. These discoveries helped them to have the resources to increase their military and to look for more lands to conquer.

Both countries also were interested in spreading their religion. Both countries sent missionaries to convert the Native Americans. This was another goal each country had when they went to explore new places.

There were several similarities that France and Spain had regarding their explorations of the world.

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