What are the similarities that the poet noticed between the two roads in "The Road Less Travelled"?

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Each of the two roads that the narrator comes across in the poem is described as ‘just as fair’, so appearing to be equally easy - or challenging - to traverse. They are both paths through the same ‘yellow wood’ and are therefore placed in a similar location.The narrator is indicating that there is little difference in the two paths, it is simply that he will, on this occasion, only be able to take one. The metaphor being used is that life is aboutdecisions, and often it is notthe validity ofone decision over another which has the impact, but the act of having to make a choice at all. 

The path he finally chooses is one that has been ‘less travelled’, but both paths have certainly been explored before:

Had worn them really about the same

The other similarities are that neither path had been used that day, and so each would be equally fresh and unexplored at that time.

 both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black

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