What are the similarities and differences of the poems "Incident in a Rose Garden" and "Annabel Lee"?

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  • subject of death
  • in both poems, death is an unwelcome "visitor"


  • In "Incident in a Rose Garden," Death is a character who speaks and comes to take people away; in "Annabel Lee," death is a circumstance of illness, and the "angels and seraphs" lead the dead away
  • "Incident in a Rose Garden" has an ironic ending; "Annabel Lee" ends with the speaker lying in his loved one's tomb.
  • The Master in "Incident in a Rose Garden" arrogantly believes he can force death to leave his property. The speaker in "Annabel Lee" can't wait for death to come to him.
  • The mood of "Annabel Lee" is somber and mournful. The mood of "Incident in a Rose Garden" could be called humorous in places.

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