What were the similarities between World War I and World War II?

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There were many similarities between World War I and World War II. One similarity was the causes of both of these wars. In both wars, imperialism was a factor. In both wars, countries that had no or few colonies wanted to get control of more land. Another similarity was nationalism. In both wars, countries believed that they were supreme and that their way of life should be spread to other areas. A third cause was militarism. In both wars, countries were building up their military forces before going to war.

There are a few other similarities in both world wars. In both wars, the United States was neutral when the conflicts began. We eventually joined the Allies in both world wars. The United States was very influential in helping the Allies win in both wars. We provided many supplies to the Allies in each conflict. The people in the United States made many sacrifices to help our military be successful in both conflicts. People limited their consumption of food and bought victory bonds. The government also assumed more control over our economy in both conflicts.

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