What are the similarities between a unitary and federal government system?

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Federal governments, like that of the United States, have state-governments that operate between the national and the municipal level. The states themselves enjoy a certain degree of independence from the highest level of government. State laws are technically subservient to laws passed at the national level, but it is usually up to the national government to choose whether or not to enforce this. Usually, the lower levels of government are free to make any laws that are not already enumerated or that do not conflict with the laws of higher levels of government. Federal systems allow for a higher degree of civic engagement. It is often easier to engage with smaller municipal and state governments than with the larger national government. This allows citizens to have more of an ability to participate in and influence their local government. This also leads to more transparency in government, as there is usually more citizen oversight at local levels.

Contrast this to a unitary government...

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