What are the similarities between the three Abrahamic religions?

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are what are termed "Abrahamic religions" because they all share scriptural texts. The Jewish "Old Testament," God, and figures such as Moses and Abraham are shared among all three faiths; the "New Testament" and Jesus Christ are present in Christianity and Islam; and the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad are unique to Islam. Thus the first areas of similarity are found in the shared scriptural texts, including the account of the origin of the world in Genesis.

All three religions are monotheistic, believing in the existence of a single God and condemning all beliefs in other gods as heretical or infidel. Although some thinkers in all three religious traditions advocate ecumenism, all three have a history of intolerance of rival religious beliefs, unlike, for example, ancient polytheistic religions, which admitted a wide range of gods and spirits and readily made room for diverse belief systems.

All three religions believe in some form of afterlife and...

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