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For college students, what are the similarities that can be found between living on campus and living off campus?

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I see the similarities all the time, as I teach at both residential and non-residential colleges. First, classes and coursework are very similar. Second, at most non-residential colleges, clubs and extra-curricular activities are offered. It is possible to attend a non-residential college and be part of a literary magazine, for example, or a play, and to attend poetry readings, art exhibits, and lectures—or to join an intramural sports team. Not all non-residential colleges offer all of these activities, but they all offer something, in my experience. (I can not speak to for-profit colleges, as I have never taught at one.)

Living on and off campus both offer distractions from the primary responsibility of academics. Off-campus students sometimes try to juggle heavy work and school schedules and end up finding their...

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