For college students, what are the similarities that can be found between living on campus and living off campus?

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There are many similarities between living on campus and living off campus.  The main similarities have to do with the fact that the students are, or can be, essentially on their own in both cases.  They face many of the same issues in both cases.

In both cases, students will be sharing their living space with others (unless they have enough money and the desire to live alone off campus).  They will have roommates with whom they must manage to get along.  In both cases, students must regulate themselves.  They do not have anyone telling them when it is time to study or when it is time to go to bed.  They are responsible for themselves.  In both cases, students may be in charge of keeping themselves fed.  They may be responsible for buying their own food and for cooking if and when they want to do so.  In both cases, students are responsible for doing their own laundry and for at least some aspects of keeping their living spaces clean.

For these reasons, the similarities between life in dorms on campus and apartments off campus are very significant.

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