Sula Questions and Answers
by Toni Morrison

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What are the similarities between Sula Peace (Book: Sula) and Pecola Breedlove (Book: The Bluest Eye)?

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The major similarity between Sula Peace from Sula and Pecola Breedlove from The Bluest Eye is that they are both outcasts in their communities.  Sula does not follow the rules of the Bottom, and she breaks many social conventions in her relationships with others.  For example, Sula sleeps with her best friend Nel's husband Jude, and Sula does not understand why Nel is so angry with her afterward.  Other members of the Bottom consider Sula wild and brand her as an outcast.  Similarly, Pecola is an outcast in her community because she comes from a family that is known for violence and abuse.  Pecola goes to live with the MacTeer's after she is raped by her father, and everyone in town (except the local prostitutes) looks down on Pecola.  She is seen as ugly by those around her and she internalizes these views of herself.  Thus, she, like Sula, is an outcast in her community.

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