What are similarities between the plant vascular system and the human endocrine system?  

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Not many, if any! The human endocrine system is a collection of glands that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system. The plant vascular system is a collection of conducting tissues together with supportive fibers. Plants do not have an endocrine system!

You may find more similarities by comparing the vascular system of a plant with the human circulatory system! Some of these similarities are listed below:

  1. Both have a tube structure for transporting substances around the organism.
  2. Both are designed to carry nutrients and water to cells of the organism.
  3. This structure of tubes is made in such a way that they go in different directions with different sizes (xylem and phloem in plants and arteries and veins in humans).

These are only some of the similarities. For more similarities and also differences, you can check another answer which was given by trophyhunter1 here at eNotes by clicking here.

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